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Kuilfontein Sand & Stene

Kuilfontein Sand en Stene is a family business. Sand has been washed on this site since 1 January 1945. The current owner, Mike Maree, and his father bought the business in 1994.

Since then, much older equipment has been replaced with more technologically advanced systems to deliver the best possible product.

We can proudly claim the cleanest river sand in the country.

We provide to the the smallest "bakkie operator" to the largest construction companies for building dam walls, roads and bridges.

We believe in good customer relationships and have a passion for their needs.

Our products:

River Sand
Washed and very clean. It is mainly used in the construction industry for concrete production and also the production of cement-sand mortar.

River Sand (Fines)
Is a by-product of the washed river sand and can be used for various applications like paving, decorative uses, sand pit and many more. The granules are very small and the sand is very clean.

Concrete Mix
Our concrete mix consist of 13mm or 19mm stone mixed with river sand. It is mainly used in the production of concrete structures, foundations and concrete.

6,7mm Stone
These stones are ideal for gardening and landscaping purposes.

13mm Stone
Ideal for surface beds, driveways, slabs and many more applications. Its uses can be from residential to commercial. Also used in concrete mix.

19mm Stone
The 19mm stone is ideal for landscaping and gardening purposes. It can also be used for driveways, concrete mix (builders mix) and even for water-logged trench bedding.

Ready Mix Concrete
We supply ready mix concrete at competitive prices and top quality. Our ready mix concrete meets all the SANS standards for strengths from 15-25 MPa. We currenlty have two 6 cubic metre concrete mixing trucks and we deliver in a 50-60km radius.

Filling Ground/Topsoil
Our filling ground can be used for backfill and is ideal for compacting and filling uses on roads.